Frisco Running Club is a group for North Texas ( Frisco Area ) runners.


Marathon and Half Marathon Program

2021 Programs

These are our short 2021 Spring programs. They get you in shape for The Bluebonnet Half and Big Star half in April. They are a week apart and training will now be 15-16 weeks. Since you should have a base there is no first six weeks and it begins at track/speed. Hamlin also added a marathon and half Miles Only schedule for runners that just want miles.

Program Runs for Marathon and Half Marathon

This is the FRC training plan that was used for 2020. It is divided into blocks and weeks. Read the FRC Information Guide for additional information.

Thursday Strength and Endurance Training

These workouts are designed for the endurance athlete and are 35-45 minutes in length.  Scale when necessary. (H) denotes Hero WOD.

Endurance Training

These workouts are designed for the CrossFit athlete that is looking for more endurance and stamina during their daily WODs. Follow the 2 weekday runs for endurance and all 3 if you want to run a 10K.

  • Week 1 Open Endurance
  • Week 2 Open Endurance
  • Week 3 Open Endurance
  • Week 4 Open Endurance
  • Week 5 Open Endurance
  • Week 6 Open Endurance