Frisco Running Club is a group for North Texas ( Frisco Area ) runners.


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The Frisco Running Club is starting a new cycle of our popular training program on June 28. This program is primarily targeting half and full marathons. Our plans will get you well prepared for the Dallas Marathon on December 12. Not training for these distances? Not a problem, we can help you reach your goals for other distances too! You will be running in groups with similar experience level and speed. Seasoned coaches and pacers are there to help you along the way. They are happy to share lessons and insights they've collected over many races and countless hours of running. Sign up by clicking here, and by the way - it's free. You will get the option of buying the 2021 edition of the FRC t-shirt. You will also get a 20% discount at the Frisco Running Co until 8/1, and a 10% discount on Get Racing events during the training program period. See the FRC calendar for planned races and events.

Join us at Lawler Middle School tomorrow at 7pm for our kick off with the Frisco Triathlon Club. Lots of great giveaways. Here are the specifics.Add On… we will be doing the 1600 Down workout for our half marathon runners this weekend. This will be your last speed workout before the race. For those not running we will add strength training between sets. Thanks Joseph Cervantez for the message asking.Tuesday Track Kick-offIt’s going to be a beautiful night for some fun. Join us tomorrow night at Lawler Middle School in Frisco at 7 pm. Here are just a few of the things we will be raffling:1.) Frisco Run Company: Four $25 gift cards 😱❤️2.) Playtri: Goodie Bag 🎉😱❤️3.) Leila Molina: Socks ❤️4.) Kaleigh Williamson: Welcome Sign for your house ❤️😱5.) Mandy Lilly: Photo session 😱❤️6.) Gift Certificate to Relax Myora from FTC7.) FTC Trucker hats8.) FTC visors9.) FTC t-shirts Hope to see you there!!! Don’t forget to bring your family and friends!!Perfect night for a jog or walk for our Galveston taper crew!!Perfect night for speed work for those who are ready to work on speed!!

Safety of our runners is the most important aspect for us. For this reason we have decided to make the first 6 weeks "virtual". We will plan the details around this the next few days. In general, we follow the guidelines for Open Frisco, Open Texas , and guidelines from the Governor,'s Strike Force . While the guidelines are not clear about clubs like FRC, there is a section about Exercise-Facilities. This includes outdoor activities All coaches and pacers are trained on appropriate cleaning and disinfection, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette.Anyone with symptoms will be sent home, and will not return until standard criteria are met (see below)The pacing groups will have a maximum of 10 peopleAt least 10 feet of separation between runnersDo not run in the slip stream of another runner.  This helps to minimize exposure to any potential aerosolization events. (added 6/4/2020)No sharing of liquid or food/gels, etc. You will need to bring your own water. No water will be provided by FRC.The running store will not be opened for runners outside of normal operating hours.While not mandatory, FRC supports the usage of masks. Guidelines for "return to run" In the case of a coach, pacer or participant who was