Frisco Running Club is a group for North Texas ( Frisco Area ) runners.


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I do hope your first scheduled week of running is going well. It’s hot so remember to hydrate daily, nightly, during sleep, and when you wake up. Today, Thursday, is a cross training day and/or easy miles. Tomorrow is an off day and a day to rest, stretch, and hydrate for the weekend. Saturday will be our first group long run. Some of you might have received and email from your coach about the six ahhh emmm start time. Try to be there 10-15 minutes early to find your group. We will be running the 5 or 6 mile route for all runners so be familiar with them. The runs are 3, 5, and 8 miles so once the 8 mile group gets back to start it’s an easy 1 out and back. The 3 mile is a 1.5 out and back. I am excited to see all of you this season. Over 160 participants this year and possibly an FRC record. Remember to order a shirt with the new logo. This is the only season we will have this logo and it signifies me, you, the club, and everyone rising up and crushing the past year. It hasn’t been easy but we

Hi all,  The Texas summer is here and you are about to (re)start your running adventure with FRC. Running in the heat of summer can be dangerous if proper precautions and preparations are not followed. Make sure you read the Hot Weather Running Tips.

Hello Runners, Welcome to the FRC Marathon and Half Marathon Training Program 2021. This email will give you information about the program, with details for the first week. We know you have a ton of options for training plans and programs and we are happy to have you join us for ours. The Program The training program is constructed from a range of sources and is targeting beginners, recreational and experienced long-distance runners. You will progress through several key training phases during the 24-week journey to our target race - the Dallas Marathon (half or full). The first phase will build your base endurance. Most of the training in this phase will be done at conversational pace. For many this means partly walk, partly jog. Training plans Each row has a separate training plan. Here is a quick guideline to how you would choose between them: Novice/getting back to running - Chose “25 Miles Half Marathon”Some experience with half-marathons - Chose “35 Miles Half Marathon”You have done a few half marathons. Want to try my first marathon - Chose “40 Miles Marathon”You have done a few marathons and would like to improve your time - Chose “50 Mile Marathon” Each of the plans are named after the

The Frisco Running Club is starting a new cycle of our popular training program on June 28. This program is primarily targeting half and full marathons. Our plans will get you well prepared for the Dallas Marathon on December 12. Not training for these distances? Not a problem, we can help you reach your goals for other distances too! You will be running in groups with similar experience level and speed. Seasoned coaches and pacers are there to help you along the way. They are happy to share lessons and insights they've collected over many races and countless hours of running. Sign up by clicking here, and by the way - it's free. You will get the option of buying the 2021 edition of the FRC t-shirt. You will also get a 20% discount at the Frisco Running Co until 8/1, and a 10% discount on Get Racing events during the training program period. See the FRC calendar for planned races and events.