Frisco Running Club is a group for North Texas ( Frisco Area ) runners.


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This Is Your Journey. My start and progress in running is not any different than any other runner out there. Runners are simply people wanting a change in workout routine and looking for something different. They begin running, find success, lose weight/gain muscle, and then they want more. They smash local running events, go longer, and in one year have accomplished so many things that the average person deems "crazy". Is it? Or is it just their "New Normal"? Sound familiar? Well as I said, my story is not much different except maybe the starting a club thing. In December 2001 I hopped on a scale after talking with some buddies about how much I weighed. What I thought was 170, they laughed, and I ended up being 198! Wake up call. That's when I began my 40 pound weight loss and fitness journey. Time to put my college degree to work. I read and learned up on how to train differently than the traditional "3 sets 10 reps